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Advantages of Pro shin and foot guards

➢ made from genuine cowhide leather
➢ central core to minimise injuries
➢ covered metatarsum
➢ fastening strengthened with a steel grommet
➢ elastic cuff to improve stabilisation


Product information

Pro shin and foot guards by Beltor are designed for combat sport adepts to use for training and sparring.
Recommended to anyone appreciating high comfort of use, robust protection and highest durability. The guard was
made from the highest quality cowhide leather. It is equipped with the Double Layer Protection to ensure the most
efficient protection and minimise the effects of kicks and blocks. The additional metatarsum cover improves protection
against injuries. The steel grommet between the guard layers protects it against tearing when fastened. The velcros
have a reinforced Strong Velcro system protecting against accidental guard undoing. The double, elastic contractor
under the metatarsum keeps the guard in place, preventing injuries.

PRO | Shin and foot guards