Advantages of Former gloves

➢ handmade from cowhide leather
➢ strong double seam (three-fibre polyester thread)
➢ X-FourLayer punch strength reduction
➢ ThumbLockSystem for thumb protection
➢ HeatRelease solution
➢ StrongVelctroSystem
➢ functional zipped packaging
➢ manufacturer's guarantee


Product information
The Former boxing gloves designed for dynamic training, including but not limited to MUAY THAI and KICKBOXING,
thanks to using a longer cuff ensuring wrist stabilisation and absorption of the strongest punches. The handmade
technology ensures their perfection all way round, while the use of the highest quality natural cowhide leather
guarantees their durability. The closed profile of the gloves and the thumb protected by means of ThumbLock method
ensure maximum comfort and safety of use. A special roll on the palm supports full fist grip. The HeatRelease
technology is responsible for heat and moisture release outside the gloves. The gloves were sewn with a three-fibre
thread made 100% from heavy duty polyester fibres. The logo unknown before will mark out every user of Former
gear. The gloves are accompanied by an aesthetic and durable zipped case, offering further protection for your gloves
in transport.

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