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Advantages of MMA Eight gloves

➢ greater glove weight
➢ OpenHandSystem
➢ high quality GenuineCowhideLeather
➢ double seam with a three-fibre polyester thread
➢ double-layer shock-absorbing foam - DoubleLayerProtection System
➢ StrongVelcroSystem fastener
➢ wrist stabilising wrap
➢ foam protecting the thumb against injuries - ThumbHITProtection
➢ handmade
➢ functional zipped case


Product information
The Eight model was designed for fighters appreciating the maximum comfort when grappling, chokeholds or joint
locks. Inspired by a model of one of the greatest MMA federations worldwide, they are designed mainly for fights with
grappling elements. The Eight Model was handmade from high quality genuine cowhide leather in the OpenHand
system. It was sewn with durable three-fibre polyester thread. Thick and well-filled protective part of the glove ensures
high level of safety, and the thumb cushion, made from dense foam, protects it against injuries. The MMA gloves are
accompanied by a functional and durable zipped case, offering further protection for your gloves during the storage
and in transport.

Eight | MMA gloves

CHF 35.00Preis
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